Financial Statements, Reports & Fundraising Principles

At Mevagh Family Resource Centre, we believe in being open and transparent about our finances. If you would like to look at our accounts and annual reports please click on the relevant links below. 

The accounts contain detailed information on our income and expenditure, as well as an overview of our principal activities in the year concerned.

Data Protection Policy V 1

GDPR Compliance Statement

Action Plan 2017

Mevagh FRC Three Year Plan & Annual Action Plan 2016-18

AGM -Report-2016

Mevagh CTR Audited Accounts-2016

Signed Audited Accounts 2017

Meithean Mhíobhaigh FINAL 2018 Signed Accounts

AGM Report 2015

Mevagh CTR Audit 2015

Annual Report 2014

Audited Accounts 2014

Annual Report 2013

Audited Accounts 2013

As a registered charity Meitheal Mhíobhaigh CTR wish to state that we are compliant with all legislation under the Charities Act 2009.



For further information contact the ICTR website at